Ed | Production Manager | Major Gold-Producer 

What was your experience like when working with Williams Mining?

Williams Mining is a very professional outfit. The personnel I have engaged with are very charismatic and passionate about the mining industry and placing prospective recruit in the right position with the right company.
How does Williams Mining compare with other headhunters in mining? Anything different about us?

Williams makes you feel as if you are part of a family that shares in their ordeals and are honest. The follow up phone calls I enjoy, even if it’s not about potential work offers, but just to catch up on how you are doing.
How did the placement impact your life?

Very positively in being able to spend more time with my family compared to the employment I was in previously.  

Was the job a good fit for you?

Yes, it was a good fit and the potential for growth was realized.  

Would you work with Williams Mining again?

Yes, definitely.  

Any feedback/improvements we can make?

Nothing I can think of. Keep up the good work.