Johan | Operations Director | Eastern Africa 

How does Williams Mining compare with other headhunters in mining? Anything different about us?

I had a very professional and pleasant experience from beginning to end.The weekly follow up and feedback was helpful to fit in and adapt to the new culture.

How did the placement impact your life?

My life was impacted positively as I have a much better lifestyle and I get to see my daughter more and that money can not buy.

Was the job a good fit for you?

It was a massive challenge for me and I appreciate the confidence that Derek had in me to provide me with this operinity.  The people and the company are a perfect fit and looking forward to making a difference in the company but also in the growth of the people working here and creating a high performance culture where people thrive and communities prosper.

Would you work with Williams Mining again?

The answer is just YES

Any feedback/improvements we can make?

Very Professional