Choosing a company to professionally represent you is a big decision. We appreciate that. It is why we believe that the first thing that should happen is for us to meet and immerse ourselves in your business culture.
Relationships are fundamental to any successful partnership. We are not interested in a one-off piece of recruitment; we want to establish a relationship that, while it may not be fully realised for months or even years, allows us to add value and insight into what you do. Having formed long-lasting relationships over the years, we can collaborate with our exclusive network, facilitating introductions to high-calibre talent within the professional market.
We look past the transactional aspects of traditional search, knowing that serving our clients’ short-term needs with sustainable solutions invariably leads to long-term relationships.
Our passion for the African mining sector permeates everything we do. It guides us and keeps us focused. But it also means that we are unashamedly proud of our achievements in the region.
We've placed with small, mid-tier and major mining companies in Africa. From small projects to multi-billion dollar projects, we understand what it takes. Although each requirement brings its own specific challenges, our unique, talented individuals remain consistent. We've journeyed with many clients as they evolved from small to mid-tier to a major producer.

The Interview Process

The interview process is very often the first time that the candidate experiences your organisation. They form first impressions that can be hard to change and informs their next moves.

One of our fundamental responsibilities is to manage the interview process in a respectful and timely manner. We know that candidates who have had a good experience within the interview process are more likely to accept an assignment if counter-offered or presented with a further opportunity by a rival mining company. Our absolute commitment to a great customer experience of transparency and good interview management ensures that the process runs smoothly.

We believe in total honesty and transparency. This is why we always produce Goal Reports for any assignment we are working on. On commencement of any search process, we provide a detailed summary and timeline of agreed key deliverables, regularly reviewing these with you throughout the search. Once we have made a successful introduction and worked with you to manage the onboarding, we regularly stay in touch with both candidate and client to ensure each party is satisfied with the relationship.

Because of our commitment to the industry and seeing our clients thrive is our overriding consideration, we will always be with you. We will advise you if we are not the best people to help you. Sometimes the best assignments are the ones we don’t end up working on. Sound strange? To most search companies, it would seem unconventional. At Williams Mining, we know that on occasion, the best candidate may already be working for our client, and with support and mentoring, could assume a new role.

As a trusted advisor, assessing the availability of internal talent is always a first step in diagnosing the client’s need. We're happy to refer another headhunter/executive search firm if we feel they are better suited for your requirement. We have great relationships with other executive search practices.

We want you to have the best possible talent, even if it is not via us.

Ultimately, our success is determined by yours, and so you can be certain of our loyalty to you and to your business.