Executive Search

Williams Mining is a dedicated Executive Search consultancy using a range of tools to recruit at the executive level. By providing in-depth consultation and due diligence, we’re able to support our client's strategic vision and create an assignment campaign for a successful outcome. Read more.

Site Leadership

Our Site Leadership Service addresses the need for a proactive, strategic thinker who understands the importance of nationalisation and succession planning. Our network of proven site leaders can train the local workforce to as eventual replacements within their company’s succession planning framework. Read more.

African Leadership

The future of the African Mining sector is African leadership. For almost a decade, we have built the most comprehensive network of African leaders. Read more.

Corporate Leadership

We travel across the corporate mining capitals of the world. Client discussions are at the core of Williams Mining’s approach. Read more.


The service begins with a personalised consultation and active listening; we listen both to what has been said and what hasn’t been said. Once grounded in the context, we identify any areas where improvements are indicated. Perhaps you need more eyes on a problem or simply a fresh set of eyes. Read more.

Environment, Social & Governance

ESG is central to the African mining sphere and Williams Mining. It was the core of our business when we started in 2011. Founded initially to source top health, safety and environmental professionals to eradicate mining accidents and fatalities and to protect local communities, Williams Mining covers a wide range of ESG leadership positions and non-executive positions. Read more.